Cardboard Model Winners

High School Winners: “Our bus shelter is a place where hard working parents, little children, and the average workers could go and sit and feel like they are in a different atmosphere. It is a place where people could sit back and enjoy beautiful art that is around the bus stop. From its mosaic ceiling to its solar panels and gardens, it is a more naturalistic environment within the community. People may engage and speak on what a relaxing place it would be. (electric outlets are included). There is place for water fountain and clock.” Bridget A. and Minh N. (additional images of this design here). San Jose, CA.


7th Grade Winners:“This bus shelter is design to create a fun place to wait for the bus. In the morning the cafe would sell hot drinks, when it is cold. After school people could get a snack and go up to the top story using our fun ladder. On the top are tables and a place to talk or do homework. Outside are many tables, so many people can come. On the main story are counter top seats and a T.V. so they can be entertained. There is even a telescope so that people can look for the bus.” Isabelle, Gaby and Rachel at Hillview Middle School, Menlo Park CA.

6th Grade Winners:

Team Astro Park: “In our bus stop shelter when people are waiting the could play on the playground, sit on the bench, watch TV or use the satellite to talk to astronauts.” Renaissance Academy, San Jose, CA.

Renaissance Team 4:”In our bus stop shelter you can ride a bike that stays put if you get bored and you can also sit and you can look at the beautiful garden. That’s our bus stop. And we have kinetic energy as power and it is going to be an exercising bus stop.” Renaissance Academy, San Jose, CA.







5th Grade Winners: 5th grade students created a bus stop shelter model that would have a wind energy generator powering a ceiling fan. “We put refreshments so that when people get thirsty they can get a soda. There is a message board with chalk. There is a book shelf for sharing of books.” Campbell Middle School, CA.




1st Grade Winners:

Bus Stop 1: “Our bus stop is designed for people to feel safe, be comfortable, and have fun. We have wind blockers, comfortable seating, a fan and plants.” Mount Vernon Presbyterian School, Atlanta, Georgia.



Bus Stop 3: “Our bus stop lets people to be safe, comfortable, and have some fun. The bench has a cushion. There are plants that show people care. There is a TV to give you something to do.” Mount Vernon Presbyterian School, Atlanta, Georgia.

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