The Design Challenge Wraps Up

Thank you to all the students and teachers who participated the Seeking Shelter Design Challenge.


Conceptual cardboard models photographed and shared to a flickr group. (The winners were selected by our panel of judges.) Deadline was November 10th, 2012. Click here for lesson plan info.Click here to see all the youth designs.

Click here to see the winners.

 Prizes sponsored by Makedo



Refined models made in SketchUp and shared to the SketchUp warehouse collection “seeking shelter” .  Submission deadline was December 15th, 2012. Note: Bus shelters should have a footprint no larger than 10′ long x 5′ deep. The structure should be in the range between 6’8″  and 9′ tall.

Click here to see animations of the  student SketchUp models.

Click here to see the winners.

Click here for lesson plan info.




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