Seeking Shelter Design Challenge

IMAGINE  how a bus stop could be designed to renew, refresh, and connect people. Would you put in a mini community garden box? Solar cells? Bookshelves for  informal book sharing? A small business kiosk?

BUILD your vision of a multipurpose bus stop shelter. Use slotted notecards to brainstorm. Use SketchUp to design.

SHARE your thoughts with us. Share concept physical models as images via Flickr or Picasa. Make a refined model in SketchUp and share to the “seeking shelter” collection in SketchUp 3D Warehouse.

Over 240 students participated in the conceptual model design challenge.

Winners were selected by a judging panel of professional architects and educators. The conceptual cardboard  model contest ended early November 2012.  See all cardboard model submissions here.

Over 218 students participated in the SketchUp model design challenge.

The SketchUp bus stop model design challenge ended December 15th,2012.See all SketchUp models here. See winners here.

Info on judges here

Seeking Shelter was launched with a public art installation at the Zero1 Biennial 2012, September 14th and 15th 2012, South First Street, San Jose, CA. Installation images here:

Seeking Shelter Public Art Installation Flickr Set

email questions to:

This project was made possible through funding from the ZERO1 Art & Technology Network and Target. Rental donation of HP tablets by the Krause Center for Innovation. Prizes sponsored by Makedo.




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