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Visual Rhythms: Patterns of Community

Students examine their community to document in photographs what they think visually represents the uniqueness of their neighborhood. Students manipulate photos in Repper to create seamless pattern tiles to use on building is Google SkechUp workshops. Click here to see images taken by Renaissance Academy student in San Jose, California.

In this workshop, students will explore percentages, vectors, angles (right angles, reflex angles, supplementary angles, etc. ) in context of the unique pattern tiles they have created.

Before you start your Repper exploration, please fill out this Google form: http://bit.ly/S7tSTo

When you have completed your Repper workshop, please file out this Google form at this link: http://bit.ly/OH72qO

Step By Step tutorial Note: the audio is a bit low in this video so you may want to turn up the volume. Repper is a pattern generation tool will be used by students to create digital seamless pattern designs from their photos. Here is link to freeware version: http://repperpatterns.com/

How to use Repper: http://youtu.be/nshiflwb8Bg

Patterns created in Repper using student photos of community (or using student hand drawn radial pattern tiles) will be used as surfaces on the SketchUp models (SketchUp lesson here). Repper is free and easy to use. We are using it to create seamless pattern tiles to import into SketchUp. Patterns are exported and saved as jpgs. These are then imported into SketchUp via the SketchUp Materials palette and applied to 3D renderings of bus shelter surfaces using the paint bucket tool.

Students at Renaissance Academy working with Repper and their photos of community. Here is the full collection of image patterns created at Renaissance Academy.
Anayolis R. , Renaissance Academy 6th grader photo of local market.

Pattern created by Anayolis to be used in SketchUp models and as large window decal.

Seeking Shelter bus stop installation with student patterns and statements linked via QR codels

This workshop was adapted for Visual Rhythms: Community Pattern Workshop  a part of the 2012 Steinbeck Festival in the Alisal area of Salinas, California. A wii remote interactive surface set up was also installed for exploration of pattern tool, Repper. Students who completed the workshop went home with vinyl window decals of their designs.

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Copyright: Corinne Takara (CC BY-NC 2.5)

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