Before you start, share this with students and parents:

Seeking Shelter Release Form

Also, before you start the project use this one minute draw document as a one minute warm up and pre-assessment of creativity in thinking. The exercise is to draw a different image in each of the 2o circles and students have one minute to do the exercise. This is like Pictionary; the images are quick sketches. Upon completing all the lessons you intend on doing, hand out this doc again and have students do the exercise again as a post-assessment. They may think this is silly, but this is an exercise similar to one conducted in Stanford’s ME101 class with college students.

Engage: Radial Pattern Designs:

Engage: Building Prototypes of Bus Shelters:

Engage: Repper Pattern Workshop:

SketchUp Bus Shelter Designs:

Design Thinking Resources for K-12 environment


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